Greensward vale and ragged hill
Bold mountain stark and heathered moor
The Art of Claire McDonald
Claire McDonald Flourish

Original art in pastels by Claire McDonald

for sale. Her beautiful work includes:

Painting and exhibiting

in and around Salisbury, Wiltshire , Claire specilises in the colourful medium of pastel and finds flowers and nature present particularly vibrantly in this form. Such art painting is a very specialised creative skill.

Artistic pastel painting in Salisbury Wiltshire

A specialised and exacting art from, Claire is considered an important artist in this field. Claire McDonald has worked on the following and finds pastels to be her soul medium:
  1. pastels
  2. oil painting
  3. charcoal
  4. ink
  5. watercolours
In Salisbury Wiltshire, there are few artists of the calibre of Claire McDonald so if you would like a unique and beautiful work of art to grace your home, phone or contact her today from the details shown on her Contact Claire page on this website. Private Commissions a speciality!