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Tregantle Beach

"I have observed Claire’s journey as an artist with keen interest and admiration. She has a natural talent and with her innate determination and love for learning new skills, she has grown into an accomplished painter.

I have been fortunate to spend time with Claire and she has shown me her passion for nature, landscapes and seascapes through the eyes of an artist. I particularly love the way Claire can capture a breaking wave and a dramatic sky.

I live in Cornwall and 4 years ago became a wedding registrar. I regularly conduct wedding ceremonies on the Rame peninsula and rediscovered and completely fell in love with this stretch of coastline. Last year I asked Claire if I could commission her to paint Tregantle Beach for me. I insisted that it had to be a big painting and that it had to be a certain perspective so I was a demanding client!

Claire came down to Cornwall and visited the beach, took numerous photos but more importantly experienced the atmosphere and the physicality of the beach and cliff top. Sometime later I got the call that the painting was finished. We met up and the result was unveiled.

It is more than I hoped for. The colours and the way Claire has mastered the sky and the movement of the sea. But most importantly she has captured the “spirit of place” that I fell in love with, and that is artistry.

The painting now hangs at the top of our stairs and It gives me joy every time I look up and catch a glimpse of Tregantle. "

Fiona MacInnes,

Medium: Oil on canvas,
Size: 79cm x 48cm
Tregantle Beach

"We first met Claire whilst walking in Glen Rosa on the Island of Arran. It transpired that Claire is an artist who lives near Salisbury (where my wife and I spent our childhood). She also went to the same school as my wife, albeit 15 years later. They even had the same Art Teacher. So we had a lot in common immediately.

We visit the Island regularly because of its beauty and the walking opportunities. Whether one likes glen or seashore walks, or wandering along the mountain ridges, the scenery is stunning. In the past, we have looked at the work of other artists portraying Arran scenes and not found anything that captured its atmosphere to our liking. When we looked at Claire’s web site, we found that not only had she had painted a number of familiar Arran scenes, but we immediately loved her work. The paintings made us feel that we were in that magical place. How she manages to achieve that, we do not know, but it works for us.

So far, we have bought two paintings:

“Buzzards Glen Rosa”. Having walked on those hills and in the Glen, I can almost feel the wind on my cheeks (and the rain) and hear the buzzards eerie cry.

“Incoming Storm Arran towards Kintyre” is a sea scene of waves crashing onto rocks near Lochranza and the spume being whipped into a frenzy by the wind. Anybody who has walked on a rocky shore in a storm will feel the drama of the scene.

Thank you Claire for giving us so much pleasure."

Jean and David Sheldrake,
Scotland 2019