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Claire McDonald Pastel Art

The beginning of February and a cold grey miserable morning found me taking the dogs out for a reluctant walk down the sunken lane near to home.

As the lane dipped my eye was caught by a sudden movement. Waiting, i watched as a small weasel poked his head out of a hole and rummaged about. Trying to bring my phone out of my pocket to take his picture, there came footsteps behind me. A lovely man stood quietly with me for a long 5 minutes watching this lively little animal.

We both took photos. He was pefectly tolerant of us there.

Rob and I shared a magical moment and one neither of us will forget. How rare to see a weasel. In all my life in the woods I have never seen this before.

Rob commissioned me to paint it which was a great pleasure and serendipity on such a grey morning. The difficulty was to find colour in the flat and poor light.

Medium: Soft Pastel
Size: 18cm x 25cm

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